What Sports does CYO currently offer?>
Boys & Girls
Soccer (grades 1-8),
Boys HS Basketball(Fall & Winter),
Girls HS Basketball (Fall),
Fall Track (grades 1-8),
Girls Basketball (grades 3-8),
Boys Basketball (grades 3-8),
Boys & Girls Swimming (grades 1-12),
Girls Volleyball (grades 5-12),
Spring Track (grades 1-8),
Baseball (grades 4-12),
a Cheerleading SpecialEvent
Summer programs including:
    Boys & Girls Basketball,
    Girls Volleyball,
    Adult Coed Volleyball

Why can't I play all my games on weekends?
CYO schedules are created based on gym/field/pool availability given us by each parish. Some parishes only provide weekday time, so we are guided by the gym time we receive from the parishes in scheduling.

What is a Coaches Sanctioning Workshop?
CYO requires all coaches who presently coach to attend a mandatory Coaches Sanctioning Workshop, scheduled a number of times throughout the program year.
Assistant coaches are NOW also required to come, and identify themselves as such and the teams they are associated with.

Insurance wise, is my team covered?
All parishes who participate in CYO sponsored athletic competition shall have their respective participants covered by insurance obtainable through the Diocesan Insurance office.

It is the parishes' responsibility to ensure that the insurance is obtained and in effect.

Can I enter more than 1 team in a grade level?
A parish may register any number of teams in any grade level for any CYO program.

What happens if I withdraw a team after scheduling has already been completed?
If a team withdraws from the program prior to the start of the program, but after schedules have been prepared, they shall forfeit any and all registration fees.
If a team changes divisions prior to the start of the season, but after schedules have been prepared, they will be charged an additional team fee to compensate the amount of work needed to reschedule 2 leagues.

Please Explain Team Placement..
In Basketball, teams having attained a record of 10-2 or better during the regular season in "B" will be automatically moved up to the "A" division for the following season.
Teams having attained a record of 9-3 or better during the regular season in "C" will automatically move up to the "B" divisionan for the following season.
Additionally,teams, despite their regular season record, who reach the semi-finals of the playoffs, will also be moved up a division for the following season. Coaches and coordinators determine where a NEW team will be placed (A-B-C)

Why can't I postpone and reschedule a game if the other coach agrees to change?
CYO has 3 reasons for postponements as determined by the CYO Executive Board:
Inclement weather (conditions that prevent safe travel or making playing fields unsafe), loss of facility (parish coordinator must notify the CYO office, the opposing coach, and the official in advance of the scheduled contest immediately upon learning of the loss and a religious PARISH function (not a SCHOOL function).

With nearly 2000 teams in CYO, to allow 2 coaches to cancel and reschedule a game for any other reason is a large undertaking in the office. It is also a great inconvenience for coordinators who now have to find gym time to reschedule that game, and officials who have committed to CYO, for that game. History has also shown that games that need to be rescheduled tend not to get played, and then one or both coaches want CYO to forfeit the game at the end of the season to help playoff positioning. CYO allows teams' blackout dates, to avoid rescheduling problems.

Any coach(s) who reschedule games without prior approval of the CYO office, will each be assessed a forfeit. (99-0)

Can a participant/team play up a grade?
An individual or team may play up one level in divisional classification without approval from CYO.
For an individual playing up more than one level or playing down a level, it must be in the emotional, social and physical best interests of the child.
Eligibility Committee must grant approval.

What's a waiver?
It is the philosophy of CYO that ALL participants play in the parish in which they reside.
However, due to extenuating circumstances (no program, closed programs, etc...) this many not always be possible.
Waivers are required for any participants that are playing in a parish program other than the one in which they presently reside or for any other condition that does not adhere to these policies (i.e. gender, grade level, interscholastic, etc.). All waivers are strictly evaluated by the Eligibility Committee under the rules interpretation set forth.

What's the correct way to file a protest?
Protests are ONLY for misapplication of a playing rule or player eligibility.
Judgment calls are not protestable.
Protests must be brought to the attention of the official and the opposing coach at the time of the alleged infraction.
All pertinent information should be noted. Report of protest and $75 protest fee must be submitted to the CYO office within 72 hours of the incident.

How are playoff qualifiers determined?
CYO looks at the following to determine playoff qualifying teams
1) Wins
2) % of completed schedule (must complete at least 80 % of your schedule to qualify)
3) Head to head results
In case of a tie, a coin toss will determine positioning in a non playoff determination. CYO Office Policy will determine proper procedure in a tie situation that does have playoff ramifications.

How will I know my playoff schedule?
Program Coordinators will be notified of each team's first playoff game. Playoff schedules will be posted on the CYO website (www.cyons.org) shortly before the start of the playoffs. (coordinators will be advised of any changes). It is the coach's responsibility to know when and where their team will be playing, and to report the score to CYO by grade, level, opponent and game number within 72 hours of contest.

What if I forget to report a score?
If a score is unreported within 72 hours of the game, a loss is issued to both teams. (0-0)

What if I'm late reporting a score?
A score must be reported within 72 hours of a game. A loss for both teams will be recorded for a late score. (0-0)

What can I expect at a Track Meet?
Age-group track meets can move slowly due to the number of events being offered and the large number of participants... Parents should expect to spend the good part of the day, up to 4 hours, in the stands. Due to that reason we strongly recommend you come prepared.
Bring lunches and snacks, a cooler with ice and plenty of water. Remember that meets are in all types of weather conditions and most meets do not have covered seating so it also a good idea to have on hand some of following items depending on the weather conditions:
Extra warm and dry clothing, umbrellas, seat pads, blankets, collapsible chairs, sunglasses, sunscreen, binoculars, still and video cameras, and any other items you deem necessary.
There is normally a concession stand to purchase food and snacks at all meet sites. At the meets the Teams likes to sit together. As the announcer calls out the event the athlete must report as instructed so you must listen closely.

Does CYO give out awards?
Several in fact.

Team Sportsmanship: CYO's highest award...
CYO values good Sportsmanship above all else in athletic competition.
Individual team members receive a medal, and the team coach will receive a plaque.

Division Champion & Division Finalist All teams that meet in a Championship will receive an award. (A plaque for the coach, and medals for all team members)

Track & Swimming
Individual participants as well as relay teams will receive awards based on actual order of finish.

Role Model Awards:
A "Role Model" is a person who exemplifies the true meaning of CYO: Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Character, Integrity, Honesty, Participation & Example. The "Role Model" may be a Pastor, Moderator, Coordinator, Coach, Parent, or someone who works "behind the scenes" of a Parish CYO program.

How can I help with Fundraising?
CYO relies entirely on fundraising and registration fees to support its extensive programs.
We need your support in this vital fundraising effort.
Here's how you can help:

Golf with us
Every year CYO offers a Golf Outing at a fabulous Country Club on Long Island.
(check the website or call the office for info)

Honora Role Model Attend the Role Model Awards dinner and/or take out a journal ad. You and /or your company/ parish can place an advertisement in our annual journal.

Show your support of C.Y.O., which provides a great service for the youth of our parish communities.

The Support Page on our website affords you the opportunity to make a donation to CYO.